Fashion Model

Our Story

Once upon a time there were a bunch of late 20’s kids discussing fandoms and wondered if there’s anyone such platform that has merchandise & everything cool about Indian content. Be it books, cartoons, comics, or shows. We have so many regional jokes, puns, catchphrases, and favorite characters we love. Hmmm... That left us thinking  & then BAM  we decided let's be those guys. That’s how It all started. 

We are a globally local merchandise company. An online store of everyday merchandise on all your current, past & future favorite content in your native language.​We understand that there's nothing better than expressing your fandom देसीLy.

“To highlight Indian content through our merchandise, be it Comics/books/shows.”

Our Mission

“To be the industry leaders and create a unique niche for our brand”

Our Vision


Ever wondered how शिकारी शंबु (Shikari Shambu) is our Indian Garfield. How we collected so many चा चा चौधरी’s (Chacha Chowdary) especially whenever we were travelling in trains. Mom & dad always bribed you with a comic or a storybook, especially how they loved Amar Chitra Katha’s for it being more informative and educative.


Along with So many super hero comics one cannot have enough of Tinkle’s. Remember how scheming तंत्री (Tantri) was? We watched so many cartoons in regional languages, that most lunch breaks & short breaks ended up discussing and enacting them back with how Uncle scrooge came up with an idea or Scooby and the gang solved a mystery.


Be it Disney or Anime, we ended up eventually watching it in our regional languages either Telugu or Hindi.